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Benefits of Attending IS20G
August 26, 2014
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The Internet Sales 20 Group has changed the way dealers look at workshops. The workshop emphasizes Internet Sales because it’s a very important area of the industry. By participating in the 2014 Internet Sales 20 Group interactive workshop, you will learn how to strategize what you’ve learned in order to see better results. You will see a positive difference in the way you sell cars, and the money you make. The knowledge and motivation you gain from the workshop will only continue to grow after the workshop ends.

During the workshop, you will meet, and network with automotive professionals from across the country. Along with the specially designed curriculum, you will listen to twenty-five speakers and experts, who will teach you about the steps they took to successfully make money. Not only will they tell you what to do, they will tell you why you should do it. After the workshop, moderators will personally contact you to ensure that you are acquiring success from the event, making this event unlike any other in the Automotive Industry.

Internet Sales 20 Group is not just a 3-day workshop, it is handing you the keys to automotive success and allowing you to obtain multiple resources at the same time!