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How to Make your Internet Sales Department Stand Out
April 21, 2015

How to Make your Internet Sales Department Stand Out

The Internet has quickly become a major part of daily life. People are now able to do activities such as purchase groceries, buy clothes, and even shop for a new car from the comfort of their own homes thanks to evolution the Internet. In order to ensure your dealership is remaining both current and profitable during these ever-changing times, it is important to have a fully functional Internet Sales department.

Most dealerships have someone on staff to follow-up with potential buyers, who have expressed interest via the web. But, if you want to set your Internet Sales department apart from the rest of the competition, there are a few key values that must be incorporated into your day -to - day operations.

Accessibility - Because people who are searching for a new car via the Internet are potentially using your dealership's website as their eyes into your showroom, it is imperative that the inventory showcased on the site is always up to date. You want your online customers to have the same options as the customers exploring your showroom floor. You do not want to miss out on a sale, because a shopper thinks you do not have the type of vehicle he is looking to purchase.

Usability - It is important for your website to be easy to navigate. Shoppers who are browsing the site, need to be as comfortable finding information online as they would be getting the information from a salesman at the dealership. Also the "call to action", which is essentially to schedule a time to meet with a salesman to purchase a car, should be clearly displayed across the site. The goal is to have consumers effortlessly move throughout the website and ultimately end their time by scheduling an appointment to come in for a visit.

Availability - One huge difference between the Internet Sales department and the showroom is that the showroom has set hours. Because the Internet is available 24/7, potential customers have constant access to your dealership. Although it is impossible to have a live person respond to questions and concerns at all times, it is important that your Internet Sales team proactively follows up with customers who make inquiries online. It is also important for your Internet Sales department to engage with potential buyers in their social media network. The more available your staff is, the more comfortable customers will be to trust them, which will result in better sales results.

Because technology has made its way into every aspect of life, it is important for those in the automotive industry to adapt to this trend. In order for dealerships to remain successful, they must make sure they are fully utilizing their Internet Sales departments. Having a website that is easy to navigate and a team that is accessible and available for online shoppers are a few simple ways you can make your Internet Sales department stand out from the competition.

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by Shabria Davis