How to Adjust to the Increased Use of Technology in Business

How to Adjust to the Increased Use of Technology in Business Technology is making its way into every industry. Bank of America is now offering automated check processing, American Airlines has computerized flight booking, Chipotle even allows customers to place their orders online. Advances in technology have affected the way cars are sold. Long gone are the times when car dealers focused on word of mouth and advertisements in newspapers to sell cars, these days the majority of advertising and marketing is done digitally. For more information visit us at Although change can be scary, incorporating technology into your dealership’s daily business practices does have some benefits. Level the playing field – Technology, especially digital marketing, has leveled the playing field for small businesses. The Internet has allowed them to reach the same number of potential customers as their larger competitors. The automotive industry has also been made even. Shoppers are no longer forced to purchase cars based on location. They are able to use the Internet to shop for the best deal and find the vehicle of their dreams. Targeted Advertising – Social media and email marketing makes it easy for dealership’s to reach a target audience. General managers are no longer left hoping their print advertisements fall into the right hands. If they have deals that are specifically for first-time buyers who are looking to buy a four door sedan, there are tools on social media and other blog forums that will allow dealership’s to reach this particular group. Direct Communication – Statics have shown that 97% of mobile subscribers read a text message within 15 minutes of receiving it. Also, 84% of subscribers will respond within the hour. Because all age groups are using mobile devices, not just teenagers and 20-somethings, mobile communication may be the most successful way to communicate with consumers. Technology is also a great asset to use inside the dealership. Using devices, such as tablets and iPads, showroom personnel are able to make presentations to customers and show them important information and statics during their initial visits. While advances in technology have changed the way the automotive industry operates, this change is not all bad. Incorporating technology into your business practices will allow you to reach more potential customers, identify your target audience, and introduce additional ways to communicate with consumers. If you are looking to spruce up your digital marketing, contact Dealer Synergy today.

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