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Dealer Synergy is a family owned and operated training and consulting firm for the automotive industry for over 14 years which has generated over $1B in revenue for their dealers. With humble beginnings in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, we opened our doors in 2004 and and shortly after expanded to a 3,000 square foot warehouse loft in the heart of Philadelphia. In 2012, we decided to come back to our roots in South Jersey, moving into the quaint town of Audubon, New Jersey.

Our office in Audubon has more than double the space of our Philadelphia office. After purchasing the building, which was originally a local print shop, we have completely gutted the space, renovated and rebuilt in order to fit our growing team. We have even built two fully equipped production studio spaces: one of which is specifically designed for green screening. In addition, we have constructed an expansive space for our training, consulting and support services to be conducted.


Our Team has a combined 100+ years of Automotive Sales, Digital Marketing & Video Production Experience. Our team has held frontline positions in Dealerships such as Showroom Sales, Sales Manager, Internet Sales Manager, BDC Director, Special Finance and GSM. All of our Video Production Team are College graduates from Philadelphia University of the Arts, The Art Institute and Temple University and specialize in all aspects of Video Production from scripting, prepping, shooting and editing, motion graphics, animation, 3D and much more. We have trained over 30,000 Automotive Sales Professionals and Managers and worked with over 1,200 unique rooftops.

Team & Affiliates

Dealer Synergy has an elite team of combined Automotive Sales Professions, Digital Marketing Experts and Video Production Experts. Our core team works out of our corporate office in Audubon, NJ. Additionally we have a legion of General Contract Agents nationally that we utilize on specific projects. Dealer Synergy also has multiple partnerships with Universities and Technology Schools with official Intern Programs such as The University of the Arts, The Philadelphia Art Institute and Temple University. We also partner with the best of the best vendors and suppliers in the Automotive Industry to provide Dealers with the most powerful and synergistic resources to help them succeed.


Dealer Synergy has been pioneering Automotive Internet Sales, BDC, Digital Marketing, Video and Video SEO for 19+ years.

Our Founder and President, Sean V. Bradley started in Car Sales in 1999 before there was CRM, Social Media, Online Reputation, Video, Video SEO, Digital Marketing, Technology, Apps, etc. He had to create everything from scratch. There were no trainers or consulting companies back then on any of these subjects. So, from experience and tenacity Sean has been setting trends in the Automotive Industry for almost 20 years. When Sean sold cars on the front lines he was a 30 unit guy, when he was running an Internet Sales / BDC Department he was delivering 110 units per month from his department back in 2002! And when he left the front lines to help Dealers nationally and internationally he continued to pioneer. Sean is accredited with bringing Video SEO to the Automotive Sales industry. He wrote the first article on VSEO in 2006 and is a 9-time NADA Convention Speaker and the preeminent expert on Video.


  • Dealer Synergy has the most successful Dealers in the United States
  • We have been directly responsible for our clients generating over $1 Billion Dollars of additional revenue
  • Dealer Synergy has won every award for Automotive Internet Sales / BDC, including the coveted “Dealers’ Choice Award”. We are a 9 time winner for Being the “Best of the Best Internet Sales Training Company”
  • We have 22 Covers of Magazines of every major publication in the Automotive Sales industry for our clients success
  • We have taken BDC Departments from 75 units per month to 298 units per month!
  • We have taken Dealerships that were on the brink of bankruptcy to literally doubling their entire Dealership’s sales in 60 days and onto the Cover of AutoSuccess Magazine for this unprecedented turn around
  • We have helped Sales Consultants and Sales Teams increase both volume and gross by over 50%

Resources & Equipment

In addition to our Elite Team of Consultants, Trainers, Performance Coaches and Digital / Video Experts Dealer Synergy has some powerful resources for our clients:

Our Network

Membership has its privileges. Over the 14 years Dealer Synergy has been serving the Automotive Sales Industry, we have developed the most powerful relationships with strategic partners, vendors, associations and even manufacturers. These relationships allow us to provide even more value to our clients. Dealer Synergy clients have been able to access (With certain partners):

  • Special Pricing / Discounts
  • No long-term contracts
  • Free Products / Services
  • Ability to Pilot or Beta test bleeding edge technology before the public has access to it
  • Cutting of Red Tape
  • VIP Treatment from Partners / Vendors
  • VIP Access to Partner Executives
  • Liaison by Dealer Synergy and Partner / Vendor on your behalf.
  • And much more…

Our Technology

Dealer Synergy has invested millions of dollars in developing the best technology that will assist Dealers in being more effective and ensuring Dealers sell more cars, more often and more profitably.

We Care

Dealer Synergy is a family owned and operated corporation and we understand and respect the trust our clients put into us. Dealers trust us to come into their organizations and make suggestions and changes that will dramatically effect everyone. We work hard to ensure our clients’ success. We will always strive for excellence. We will always be available to help our clients anyway we can. They can always count on us.

We offer the BEST Automotive Sales Training!

If you are having problems in your dealership, whether it is you are short staffed and / or your current staff is not being as effective as they can be, or as you need them to be. OR if you have slow traffic or no traffic, contact us now.

Even if your operation is doing good but you want to go from “Good to Great”, contact us now.

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