Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

“Our philosophy is that a dealership and/or its departments are made or broken, maximized, or underutilized in 4 critical quadrants.”

-Sean V. Bradley, CSP


Every Dealership, every person within the Dealership will need “products” or resources to do their job to maximum potential. First you need to have ALL of the “right” tools / resources, next they need to be set up the correct way with a CUSTOM strategy that is designed around your Dealership’s unique Value Package Proposition and Values. Once ALL resources / tools are set up correctly, then everyone within the organization needs to be trained (NOT simply exposed) on all resources / tools. Then their needs to be an accountability mechanism in place to consistent and proper use of all resources and tool. Dealer Synergy helps with all aspects of a Dealership’s Products, Resources, Tools and Technologies


We offer full Recruiting and Staffing resources for Dealerships. Everything from Creating Job Ads, Job Descriptions, Offer Letters, Pay Plans, Schedules, Accountability Mechanisms. Job Ad placement and syndication, applicant tracking, screening, soft background check, interviewing and recommending of hires. The positions that we recruit and and hire for are: Showroom Sales, Sales Management, Internet Sales / BDC, CRM and Digital Marketing. And we guarantee our candidates we recommend.


We synergize with your Dealership and create custom Standard Operating Procedures for every aspect of your Showroom Sales, Internet / BDC, CRM, Digital Marketing, Online Reputation, Social Media, Video, Objections / Rebuttals, Follow-Up, Appointments, Referrals, Prospecting, Dead Deal, Time Maximization, 1 on 1s, Management, T.O.s, Communications, Email Process, Phone Process, Texting Process, Video Conferencing Process, Social Media DM Process, Video Email / Texting Process and so more.


We are also experts in Marketing and Advertising. Our Founder and President, Sean V. Bradley is the Best Selling Author of “Win The Game of Googleopoly”, a book about how to crush page 1 of Google. Dealer Synergy can assist you in both Conventional and Digital Marketing efforts. We can help create campaigns and strategies that will drive a lot more traffic to your dealership. Additionally we will be able to show you how you can SAVE money and CUT your Advertising Cost Per Lead and Cut your Cost Per Sale. NADA 2018 says that the National Average Cost Per Sale in Advertising is $640 per car sold. That is RIDICULOUS, We have clients that are less than $180 Per Car Sold in Advertising!

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