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Social Media Reach

TOTAL FB REACH = 21,200+ Followers

  • Sean V. Bradley / Karen Bradley = 8,000+ Active Followers
  • Dealer Synergy = 7,200+ Followers
  • Internet Sales 20 Group = 3,000+ Followers
  • All others = 3,000+ Followers

TOTAL Sean V. Bradley =
6.75 Million+ Views

  • Sean V. Bradley TV = 12,000+ Subscribers, 3.75+ Million Video Views!
  • ALL other Video Search Engines = 3 Million+ Video Views
  • All others = 3,000+ Followers

Karen Bradley = 60 Million+ Views Online!

  • Radio = 1 Million+ Views
  • Broadcast TV (CBS) = 1 Million+ Views

13,500+ Followers

  • Millionaire Car Salesman = 6,000+
  • Sean V. Bradley = 2,500+
  • Karen Bradley / Fit Body Moms = 5,000+

TOTAL Sean V. Bradley & Karen Bradley = 16,000+ Followers



in 13 National Magazines



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Conference Attendees

Sean V. Bradley, Karen Bradley & LA Williams' LIVE Dealership / Dealer Group Audience Members Per Year


  • Sean V. Bradley and Karen Bradley have been Staff Writers for AutoSuccess Magazine for 9 years
  • Currently Sean V. Bradley, CSP has been a Featured Writer for the #1 Magazine in the Automotive Sales Industry, “Dealer Magazine”.
  • Dealer Magazine is delivered to OVER 25,000 Franchised and Independent Dealerships in the United States.
  • Dealer Magazine Reach and Readership is estimated to 100,000+ Automotive Sales Professionals, Managers and Owners.
  • Additionally Sean V. Bradley & Karen Bradley have 22 Covers of EVERY Major Magazine in the Automotive Sales Industry and countless Blog Posts, Podcasts, Webinars and Interviews…

The Bradleys

The Bradleys have literally influenced and continue to influence hundreds and hundreds of thousands of Automotive Sales Professionals, Managers and Dealer Principals all over the world on a MONTHLY BASIS!

If you are a Vendor / Supplier and are looking to introduce your Product or Service to Dealerships, Dealer Groups or OEMs. Set up an appointment to speak to Sean V. Bradley so he can show you how he can help you scale into Dealers and Dealer Groups across the Country.

Sean V. Bradley and Dealer Synergy have a very specific and meticulous screening / vetting process for ALL Vendors / Suppliers that want to introduce their product / service for Dealers. We will only recommend Products or Services that we completely believe in and that have been thoroughly vetted.

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