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Founded by Dealer Synergy CEO, Karen Bradley and President, Sean V. Bradley, CSP “Help Because You Can” is an initiative designed to help those people who are in need. Dealer Synergy Co-Owners felt it was their duty and responsibility to “Help Because THEY Can”. The Bradleys leveraged their network of highly successful Business Owners from all over the country and their platform of fans and followers to assist in their vision to help those who need help the most.

The Bradleys have donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to charities and organizations as well as donated their time but wanted to do more so in starting this foundation the goal wasn’t just to raise more money but to also fully immerse in helping those who need help. Last year the Dealer Synergy team raised over $10,000 in cash and clothing for the Homeless in Philadelphia. The Dealer Synergy team then went shopping for the additional items we needed for our Care Packages for the Homeless and then we built almost 100 Care Packages with Tents, Sleeping Bags, Clothes, Coats, Socks, Hygiene products and more then went to the streets of Philly to personally hand out these packages.

In addition to Helping the Homeless, Dealer Synergy has tried to help as many organizations and people as possible. Just look below at all of the amazing people and organizations we are proud to support.

Why? Why does a Training / Consulting company in the Automotive Sales Industry do all of this…? Simple, “Because We Can”. Which means because we should. Both our CEO and President have been through horrific situations growing up and throughout their lives. Our CEO, Karen was homeless when her father was incarcerated as a young girl. She lived in the Salvation Army for months and dealt with the embarrassment and ridicule from kids at her school and when Karen was 16 she got pregnant and became a Single Mother. Our President Sean V. Bradley grew up in violence, neglect, poverty, abuse. Sean was in a Boys Home for 3 years. From ages 12-15. And when Sean was 19 years old he went to Prison for 3 years. By the time Sean was 22 years old he had already lost 6 years of his life, was in tremendous debt, no prospects, nothing to his name and no hope…

With all of that, the Bradleys persevered and built a Multi Million Dollar Business and beautiful home with 4 amazing Children from ages 5 - 20. Sean and Karen have been together for almost 12 years and are madly in love with each other. They are Blessed and want to bless as many people as they can in life.

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About Paulie Strong

PaulieStrong is not just a name of the foundation or slogan for t-shirt. #PaulieStrong is how we will live every day that we have let on this earth. This little boy taught us more than we ever taught him and we will all live #‎PaulieStrong in his honor. Cancer is the #1 disease killer of children in the United States according to the National Cancer Institute, with nearly 16,000 children and adolescents diagnosed each year. And yet, less than 4 percent of all funding from the National Cancer Institute goes to research into childhood cancers. Most clinical trials are to treat adults.In the last 20 years, only two major drugs have been developed for children. – Funds raised through The PaulieStrong Foundation will go directly to the Pediatric Oncology Team at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in NYC to help fund research into pediatric sarcomas. Whether you are able to give now or not, helping us spread the word about our cause would be greatly appreciated. Together we can make a difference.

Our Association

CEO Karen Bradley and President Sean V. Bradley have strong ties to the PaulieStrong Foundation. Not only are the two close friends with Paulie’s father, a car guy himself, they are both members of the foundation’s Board of Directors. This foundation means a lot to Sean and Karen Bradley and to Dealer Synergy.

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