Client Success Stories

Some of our Clients

Atlantic Auto Group

Toni Anne Fardette

  • $1.1 billion dealer group
  • 24 rooftops
  • #3 in the country for privately owned groups
  • Averaging about 5,600 cars delivered per month
  • $50 million annual digital marketing budget
Interview with Toni Anne Fardette
Route 4 Auto Group

Quadrupled Volume and Gross in a Year

  • 75 to 298 units online in one year through the internet department
  • $7 million a year department
  • 140 outbound calls made each day by every rep
  • Increased 100+ net dealership units per month
  • Significantly reduced average cost per sale
Andy Mohr Chevrolet

Recap of what Dealer Synergy did:

  • Recruited and hired a full BDC staff
  • Set up CRM with action plans and templates
  • Trained both the internet sales/BDC team as well as the showroom sales team
  • Co managed the department on a daily, weekly and monthly basis
Shaker Auto Group

8 Roof Top Dealer Group in New England

Hired Dealer Synergy for:
  • Training
  • HR/Recruiting
  • CRM set up: action plans, templates/scripts
  • Monthly support/accountability: mystery shopping/call monitoring, phone coaching/phone training, KPI accountability, reinforcement onsite training, department co management
Homer Skelton Ford

Check out this awesome review and interview with the General Manager of Homer Skelton Ford, Brian Chapman!

RK Auto Group

Doubled Sales in 60 Days

Dealership profile of services engaged with Dealer Synergy
  • Consulting
  • Training: showroom sales, phone sales, internet/BDC
  • CRM set up
  • Vendor/technology recommendations
  • Recruiting and staffing
  • Video production
  • Monthly support/accountability/co management
Spirit Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram

Doubled Sales in Less Than 60 Days

  • Doubled entire dealership sales with Dealer Synergy process
  • 50 units to 108 units in 2 months
  • Spirit went from near bankruptcy to unbelievable success
  • Net increased 30 units in their first 3 weeks
Doubled Sales in 60 Days!

Bottom Line, We Get Results

We realize that our clients are running multi-million dollar companies. This is something we take very seriously, which is why our number one goal is your success. The bottom line is that we get results. Dealer Synergy clients are consistently the most successful in the industry, and it is all because of our award winning Training, Consulting, and Accountability/Monthly Support Services.

We have highlighted some of their success stories here – 8 different stories from 8 different types of dealerships in 8 different areas of the country. Our clients have been featured in almost every major trade publication because of their successes and we are so proud to have been a part of their triumph in the automotive world.

For more success stories and client testimonials, please visit our Reviews page, and if you would like to request to hear from a reference, please contact us.

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Low Dealership Traffic
Low Gross Profit
No Accountability For Team
Low Appointments
Low Appointments Shows
High Advertising Costs
Objections / Pushbacks
Recruiting / Hiring Problems
High Attrition Problems
Inter-department Fighting
Negative Online Reputation
Lost Productivity / Lost Opportunity
Low Sales Volume
Low Employee Morale
Problems with Marketing / Advertising
OEM Compliance
Time Maximization / Efficiency
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